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About Us:

Yesterday's Trees was established in 2002. We offer a tree trimming & removal service in Green Bay and its surrounding communities. We also perform stump grinding, and offer additional stump grinding services:  stump debris-removal; stump-hole filling; soil preparation; and re-seeding - all you have to do is "water it and watch it grow." We take pride in hearing statements like "It was as if you were never here."  This tells us that we are doing our job properly.
our photo Gallery for actual examples) 

We have invested in special lightweight-equipment that is "lawn-friendly"
(which is unique to this area) so we can get into small backyards and make those "expensive" jobs not so pricey. Initially, we started our business with the plan to only climb, but we soon realized the importance of having modern
aerial equipment to be more efficient and cost effective. We still do our fair share of climbing when necessary - but like any respected arborist, our policy is to avoid using climb-spikes for trimming and pruning trees that are still alive - we want to protect your investment.

We also offer land clearing & clean-up, site improvement, and brush chipping. Often times, we remove material from areas that our competitors couldn't handle. Our goal is to give our customers the best tree experience they have ever had. We offer up front pricing with no hidden charges or surprises. One call, and we can do it all!

Don't let an amateur ruin your trees. Yesterday's Trees is one of a handful of full-time tree service companies in this area that offers year-round tree service. But unlike our competitors, Yesterday's Trees does not plow parking lots, or put-up decks and roofs, or put-in lawns. (and we are not retired-guys cutting-down trees as a side-business) We are passionately dedicated to the tree service industry, and that is what we focus on.

We are also proud members of the Brown County Home Builders Association and the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating.  Please take the time to look us up and hear what's being said about Yesterday's Trees.

Your ultimate satisfaction is our goal.


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